At the Novo Nordisk UK Research Foundation (NNUKRF), our mission is clear: to enhance the lives of individuals affected by diabetes through dedicated research and education. Established in 1996, we’ve been unwavering in our commitment to supporting healthcare professionals who play a pivotal role in diabetes care.

Our strategy revolves around our three funding streams, we drive research, training, and education initiatives that are focused on patient-facing healthcare professionals. Our goal is to investigate the causes, prevention, and treatment of diabetes and related metabolic disorders.

By investing in the expertise and knowledge of healthcare professionals, we’re securing the legacy of academic healthcare professionals who lead the way in diabetes care.

Impact of the Novo Nordisk UK Research Foundation

  • The impact of the Novo Nordisk UK Research Foundation is significant:
  • Since 1996, the Foundation has contributed over £6 million to advance diabetes research and education.
  • It has supported 32 Clinical Research Fellows and 2 Nursing Research Fellows in their academic clinical careers focused on diabetes.
  • A total of 78 research grants have been awarded to various projects related to diabetes.
  • The Foundation has awarded 220 Fund awards for clinical projects and education and training of healthcare professionals dedicated to caring for diabetes patients.
  • 26 higher degrees have been awarded to NNUKRF Research Fellows (MD or PhD).

Awards Now Open 2024

2024 applications – NOW CLOSED